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Make Your Own School Dance Costume


School dance teams spend countless hours practicing their moves for games, special events and title competitions. With all the effort that goes into perfecting their routines, showing up at an event with a lackluster costume can really put a damper on the team spirit.

Dance schools have the same issue. Tap and ballet students work hard for their year-end dance recitals and competitions, and having a costume to set them apart from other dancers is just as important as the dance routine itself. Watching a recital isn’t just about the performance itself, guests enjoy marveling at the recital outfits which makes this a fun and important aspect of any performance.

Whether dancing for team sports or pleasure, many girls and boys need multiple outfits to use throughout the school year. That can mean significant out of pocket expense just to put together a single dancer’s wardrobe. With schools tightening their budgets and parents looking to save on costs, many dance teams are now making their own school dance costumes to help reduce expenses.

Parents, volunteers, and team members often get involved in the process of making dance costumes for performances. The time it takes to design and make costumes allows everyone to appreciate all the effort that goes into a performance, in addition to the actual dance practice.

The added benefit of do-it-yourself dance outfits is that dancers may also customize their costumes with iron on patches specially designed with school or team logos. Iron on appliques come in every type of animal and design so finding artwork that matches team mascots couldn’t be easier.

Dance costumes can go from drab to fabulous with jacquard ribbons. This versatile metallic and poly ribbon comes in a variety of sizes and colors to adorn garments or tie as bows for hair. Venise lace trim adds a touch of elegance to every sewing project and may bring just the right embellishment to dance outfits that call for delicate feminine style.

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