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Don’t Miss Out On Your SCA Costume Trimmings This Summer! -


It’s that time of year—the time for Medieval jousting tournaments, royal courts of the Renaissance, period dancing, and kingdom-wide feasts. Yes, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is holding events around the country from April to October, and Patchwork Panda is here to provide all the decorative fabric trim you may need for you costumes!

The SCA’s “Known World” consists of over nineteen kingdoms, and if you’re a subject of any of them (over 30,000 people across the world are!), then you won’t want to miss the events near you. And as you well know, you cannot attend an event without being dressed appropriately.

Patchwork Panda has recently added a number of new bows and ribbons that can be beautifully worked into Medieval-themed décor and costumes. In particular, our new ribbon roses can be incorporated into cards and favors for the event, as well as barrettes, headbands, skirts, you name it!

When you join in the fun of lute-playing, archery, dancing, and so on, you will want your costume to look perfect. Peruse our various fabric trims to find the appropriate colors and patterns that fit into your kingdom’s motif.

The inspirational fun of recreating the pre-seventeenth century European arts finds its roots in authenticity, which is why going all out adds so much to the events. Whether your costume is a knight, a maiden, a monk, a peasant, a member of the royal family, a court jester, a musician, or what have you, you will feel better knowing you put everything into creating the perfect ensemble that represents the Middle Ages.

Shop all of our crafting categories for all of your SCA costume design needs. You won’t go wrong with our selection of ribbon roses, bows and ribbon trim, decorative fabric trim, and more. www.patchworkpandatrims.com

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